Satanik – 16mm – Färg & Ljud – Långfilm

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SATANIK är en Italiensk-Spansk produktion från 1968 med Magda Konopka i huvudrollen.  Filmen blev framgångsrik när det begav sig. Jag har spelat hela filmen och den är faktiskt ganska bra. Filmen ger intryck från ’Snobbar som jobbar’ (Persuaders), ’Helgonet’ (The Saint), och tidiga James Bond – Helt underbar musik i hela filmen !

16mm, speltid ca 85 minuter, engelskt ljud (english sound).
Kvalitet: Tekniskt ok – någon skarv per rulle.
Färg: Delvis röd, delvis blekt, delvis helt ok – Det växlar.
Genre: Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Handling (engelska):

Dr. Bannister (Magda Konopka), an ugly and disfigured woman, is summoned by a colleague of hers who has recently discovered a serum for rejuvenating living beings. The colleague shows Bannister the miraculous result of his experiments, injecting the serum into an animal close to death. In a few seconds, the animal is reinvigorated, showing vigor and health.

The colleague, however, does not intend to use the serum on human beings, as some experiments remain to be conducted. In a moment of distraction Bannister kills the colleague, following which she drinks the serum he had developed.

After a series of convulsions, the woman falls unconscious to the ground, but shortly thereafter awakens rejuvenated and beautiful. The murder of the colleague will be only the first of a long series: Bannister, in fact, will kill again to hide her secret. Moreover, the woman will need to reckon with the fact that the effects of the serum are only temporary.