Hot Dog – Freestyle – Camel World Trophy (Super 8, Ljud)

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Originaltitel: ’Hot Dog – The Fantastic World Of Acrobatic Skiiers’. Med utgångspunkt från den första erkända tävlingen i Freestyle (Hot Dog Skiing) den 11 april 1975 startar detta unika dokument om Freestylens barndom.

’One of the early ski movies from the mid 70’s. This is the original HOT DOG THE MOVIE not to be confused with the 80’s motion picture. It contains more or less all of the legends of that time such as Suzy Chaffee, Henry Authier, Scott Brooksbank, Bob Salerno,  Eddie ’Airborne’ Ferguson, Fuzzi Garhammar, ”Spinning” Tom just to mention a few…

There is abviously a swede there as well – Check out the back of someone with ”RED DEVIL SPORT MODE” (That store was located in Stockholm (capital of sweden) in the 70-80’s. This old super 8 movie is in mint condition.’

Färg: Ja
Längd: 120mtr
Ljud: Ja
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